All Furniture Is NOT Created Equal

Many consumers choose Big Box Stores to shop for furniture because of their location convenience, style variety, price range to fit most budgets, and their strong advertising campaigns that have created top of mind awareness with most everyday consumers. Most of these stores have also started to showcase their own version of rustic furniture. Trendy barnwood tables, distressed two tone bedroom sets, and rustic dining room sets are some of the most popular items out there.

You should be aware that ALL FURNITURE IS NOT CREATED EQUAL! The choice of materials and construction that the manufacturer selects can create a massive difference in quality and durability. For example, you may be able to find a 4 drawer bedroom dresser at a big box store that is described as "Walnut" or "Pine" for $349. In reality, it is likely not made from 100% real wood. If you read into the fine print, it says something like this "Constructed with engineered wood and composites and fastened with German cam locks. Finished with high-quality laminate in a selection of rich colors."

These types of products are great for a college student on a budget, but it likely won't last longer than 1, 2, or 3 years without warping, peeling, and eventually becoming non-functional. Cheap hardware & laminate stickers over engineered wood and cork board will not stand the test of time.

Rustic Living's furniture is custom built from 100% REAL WOOD and we don't skimp on our hardware selection. We use the highest grade dead standing aspen that comes from the upper elevations of the Rocky Mountains. SOLID WOOD 360! Soft close drawers, top of the line glides, and thousands of customizable options to choose from. For the record, you can find a 4 drawer dresser at our Rustic Living showroom for about $600. Made from solid wood, finished with the stain of your choice, and CUSTOM-MADE IN COLORADO!

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